Cypress Moon is a Green Furniture Manufacturer!

First of all, our products are handcrafted only as ordered - meaning we only construct a piece of furniture AFTER we receive an order for it.  We do not waste our natural resources by making numerous products in hopes that someone will buy them someday.

Secondly, our Eco Furniture is made from high quality cypress wood that grows naturally in the swamps of Louisiana.   Because cypress lumber contains cypressine, a chemical found in cypress that naturally protects it from decay and insects, our unfinished Porch Swings, Adirondack Chairs, Rocking Chairs and Wooden Gliders are officially labeled as Eco-Friendly Furniture because no harsh chemicals are needed to preserve the wood!  Although our products are offered in various finishes, it's not necessary.  Cypress furniture will hold up in the elements for many, many years in it's natural state!

What is Green Furniture?  (Provided by [1 THING] ©2009)

Most of us probably don’t buy furniture on a daily basis. That’s for the best; we don’t feel like we need five couches this week. Since furniture buying isn’t a quotidian part of our sustainable life, we might forget to include environmental responsibility in our quest for a new coffee table. However; green furniture is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your health. So what is it and where do you get it? Green furniture is defined by these characteristics:

Sustainable materials. Look for furniture made from wood that’s grown and harvested with sustainable forestry practices. Also, look bamboo. It’s a very strong material but grows practically as fast as grass.

Recycled materials. There’s a lot of furniture made from plastics and metals that have been used before. Keep it out of the waste stream, if you please.

Low toxicity. Believe it or not, a lot of furniture releases toxic gases or other emissions into your home. Find out what furniture is good for the Greenguard Environmental Institute certification for products with low toxicity.

Local. When it’s made and sourced locally, your furniture leaves a lower carbon footprint.

Durability. The more durable your furniture, the less likely you’ll need to buy more anytime soon.

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