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Types of Porch Swings

The Porch Swing has come a long way!  In additional to the traditional model, there are more swing options on the market today than ever before.  From the basic Classic Swing to the gigantic Swing Bed, you're bound to find a type of porch swing that meets your specific needs!  Cypress Moon offers many styles of patio swings, including:

Classic Porch Swing  This is the most common type of porch swing on the market.  Simple in design, The Classic, or Basic Porch Swing, has been decorating front porches and yards for many years.  Even though it is our base model, our Classic swing is crafted with just as much pride and detail as all of our patio swings!  All of our swings are constructed of heavy duty cypress and rust-proof hardware.  In addition, each slat is finish sanded on all sides and ends for your safety and comfort! 

Rollback Porch Swing  The Rollback features a “rolled” front and back for supreme comfort.  The contour of the seat makes for some serious relaxing!  Like all of our other patio swings, it’s constructed of heavy duty cypress and rust-proof hardware! 

Console Porch Swing  These unique porch swings have a flip-down console in the middle to place your drinks on!  Cypress Moon is proud to be one of the very few companies that make Console Porch Swings! 

Decorative Porch Swing  These patio swings differ from traditional swings by their unique design and adornments.  Some may possess ornate shapes or characters carved into the wood, while others may have a non-typical design pattern, such as the back or arms of the swing.  Some Decorative Porch Swings are distinguished by their unique colors, such as those that are red, white & blue like the American Flag! 

Engraved Porch Swing  Engraved Swings are a type of decorative porch swing with designs carved into the wood of the swing, oftentimes with great detail and precision.  Some builders of these swings actually will personalize them with your name engraved across the back. 

Porch Swing Chair  A Swing Chair, or Hanging Chair, is basically a mini porch swing!  These are great for children and can be hung anywhere, one of the most common places being from a large branch of a tree.  No grandparent’s yard is complete without a swing chair!

Porch Swing Bed  A quick, concise description of these swings would be, A Giant Porch Swing!  Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the dimensions of the Swing Bed allow for a lot of relaxing room!  In fact, most will accommodate a twin mattress.  Designers love to decorate Porch Swing Beds and hang them in their homes or inside outdoor gazebos.  Like all of our other patio swings, the Cypress Moon Swing Bed is constructed of heavy duty cypress and rust-proof hardware! 

In addition to the types of Patio Swings that Cypress Moon offers, there are also many other styles of porch swings available:

Adirondack Swing

Canopy Swing

Hammock Swing

Wicker Swing

PORCH SWING SYNONYMS: It's interesting to note that there are a lot of synonyms for porch swings today.  When you're searching the internet for you may come across many of them and find it extremely confusing.  However, please realize that most all of these are NOT different types and styles of porch swings, but in fact, mean the same thing!  Here are some of the terms that are commonly associated with Porch Swings:

front porch swing
garden porch swing
garden swing
hanging porch swing
outdoor porch swing
outdoor swing
outdoor swings
patio porch swing
patio swing
porch canopy swing
porch patio swing
porch wood swing
swing porch
wood porch swing
wooden swing