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Porch Swing Assembly Instructions  

All holes are predrilled and all hardware is supplied with your swing, including chains and hooks!
Cypress Moon Porch Swings take only 10 - 15 minutes to assemble!

I. Remove from box and place as shown.


II. Install a bolt at the base of the swing (as shown) with the head to the INSIDE*(Repeat for other side.)



III. Place riser (curved side out) on the bolt, then place one washer and one nut on and tighten. 
*(Repeat for other side.)


IV. In the same manner, attach arm to the back of the swing using a bolt, washer & nut.  However, this time place the bolt head to the OUTSIDE. *(Repeat for other side.)



V. Install 2 screws into the predrilled holes of the arm and tighten into the riser. *(Repeat for other side.)

VI. After making sure everything is tightened, you're ready to hang and swing!